see: few of my flickr favourites for face painting. when you're running out of ideas or props for a photoshoot, maybe all you need is as simple as... paint!

rahee nerurkaar

alexis mire

joel from boy_wonder

...but not a real one. since i have got good feedback on my first attempt on digital illustrations that i posted last time (thanks again to those of you who have commented!), i thought i gave it a go again over the weekend. hope you like it.

on a side note, i have been writing a guest post for sorcha at dandelion daydreamer today, a blog which has a bunch of great arty, crafty and vintage links. please say hello and show some love :)

see: photos by jono winnel for hopelessly devoted accessories. gorgeoussss!! does the name sound familiar to you? that's right, jono is the brother of lovely miss liss winnel from daydream lily. while i'm at it, can i just mention as well about their other sister bec winnel who is an awesome artist. high five to the talented winnel siblings?
inspired by what's in your queue post at black eiffel, here is a list of movies that i missed on big screen but i still really want to see them:

young victoria

an education

coco avant chanel


it's a long weekend here in australia, might be the perfect time to tick these movies off the list! what's in your queue?

See Hear Say has recently received a sunshine award from rachel at little bits of lovely. thanks so much! 

i meant to pass on this award to 12 other blogs but ugh.. i'm pretty bad at doing this and there are just too many good blogs out there. rather than that, i just would like to give a shout out to these bloggers who always keep me inspired all this time: liss from daydream lily, amanda from here comes the sun and danica from oh, hello there. and please do visit other awesome blogs and links and friends on my sidebar! 

a quick announcement, as you might have already noticed i 've removed all the banners  on my sidebar and decided to go ad free. i do have a commercial plan for my other project How's your weekend? but it might be sometime in future still far away to go.

for those of you who wish to take out my banner from your blog as i'm no longer doing banner exchange, please feel free to do so. but if you want to keep the banner linking back to See Hear Say, i'll love you forever it would be much much appreciated :) if you like my blog, i'm certainly open to any new requests for See Hear Say banners. thanks again and enjoy your friday!

*photo by danielle suzanne*

see: marc johns' awesome illustrations. always make me laugh, i love his sense of humour.

it has been aaaagggesss since last time i did an interview post. so i think it's just about time to have it back! have you heard of HUH. magazine? i enjoy reading through their features and reviews on photography, art, music and other cool stuff. and oh, they have a shop too. let's hear more about the magazine, i would like to present you jack lowe, the founder of HUH. magazine.

can you pls describe HUH. magazine in 1 sentence.
I'll have to be boring and say "Independent, free, arts & culture magazine based in London".

how old is HUH. magazine and how did it start?
HUH. Magazine originally started in the summer of 2006 when my girlfriend and I had a lot of time during our summer holidays at University. The first issue was an A5, black and white, photocopied zine and had a print run of something like 50. It's been free from the very beginning – luckily for us people liked what we were doing and have always wanted to advertise, so we've always had enough support.

(see: jeff luker's photos)

what's the most challenging part working on the publication?
It can become a bit of a challenge to produce enough online content day after day. These days if you don't update the site with at least two or three new articles a day people begin to get bored. You can't really ever take a day off, but you are forced to discover a lot of new, great artists, events, photographers and musicians.

and which part do you enjoy most?
Getting the next issue back from the printers and seeing that all the hard work has paid off.

(see: jeff luker's photo again!)

do you consider the website or any other online channels as important part for the magazine?
Yeah, we consider the website to be almost as important as the print magazine, although they're completely different mediums. On the site we can have lots of smaller articles and then in the magazine we can narrow it down to the people who we really want to showcase.

any memorable / fun experience that you'd like to share with us?
It used to be really fun when it was so DIY at the beginning. For three nights before the next issue was due out we would just stay up, finishing everything off in a rush, running around trying to use any photocopier we could find.

(see: some british birds by edwyn collins)

what does the future hold, where to from here?
We have an online TV section which will be launching very soon. The online TV editor, Chlöe Hayward, has worked with Oasis, MTV and Nike in the past so it should be really great. The online shop is going to be greatly expanded too.

any advice for them who are planning to publish an indie magazine or similar publications?
If you want to make a living out of it, then just work, work, work. There are so many other magazines and blogs out there that you really need to push it to stand out. It's really hard to keep a good balance between having fun and working loads, but you definitely need to keep a good mix or it shows.

(see: tamara lichtenstein's photos)

there you go folks. thanks jack for your time. and if any of you readers is thinking of or planning to start an indie publication or some sort, i hope jack lowe has inspired you even more. have a nice day!

buy: tatebanko, a forgotten japanese art of creating amazing dioramas and scenic perspective from paper. tatebanko was popular and widely admired from the edo period ( 17th century ) to the early 20th century. then it all but disappeared. this one i have is hiroshige - kambara, the evening show. it's a gift from a friend, i really enjoyed every second i spent on the making and pretty happy with the results too. i love japanese art.

see: lillyan lilac flickrstream. i love this white series, so adorable! how's your week so far?

see: artworks by mizue hirano. i love the watercolour gallery, beautiful colours and brush strokes. enjoy the rest of your sunday.

see: photos by lissy elle. some of her photos in flickr are a bit eerie and others are so dreamy and wonderland like. but everything is very well executed and truly works of art!

p.s. i'm so glad that i'm getting very positive response about my new project how's your weekend? so thanks everyone! please visit and show some love, there are some new submissions posted from different parts of the world. have a lovely weekend to you all!

see: beautiful stills captured by yuta nakajima. today's theme is the views from the windows. happy easter! how's your long weekend so far? also see yuta's submissions at how's your weekend? photo project.

see: _acido flickr stream by young italian girl named gloria, she takes wonderful wonderful photographs. i *heart* her white rabbit series and it goes well with the coming up easter break. holiday woohoo! hope you all have a nice easter!
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