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melbourne #4

10:31 PM

we had a nice lunch at little creatures dining hall at fitzroy. i have to say, i don't drink beer and neither i am a big drinker. i ordered a refreshing apple cider instead and it comes in this tiny beer glass, which is just the perfect size for me! their food is also delightful, i love this place! 

more pictures from fitzroy on my next post. hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far, it's such a lovely weather here in sydney.

. . . replies . . .

@herecomesthesun: i love trams too, especially the retro ones like those in melbourne. i wish they have them in sydney.

@ella @ammy w: thanks for your nice comments! yes you both should def come over :)

@chapoul: you didn't see any of these on my photos when you were in melbourne? are you really sure you were melbourne, not other city? hahahaha...

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  1. Oh wow...this place looks so cool! Those beer bottle lighting fixtures are awesome, amd the food looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fitzroy is an awesome place, I didn't see this restaurant but I love the fit out! (Thanks for visiting my blog, those cinemagraphs are rad!)

  3. What a lovely place! I wish we had something like that here! :)

  4. sounds lovely laura :) I'm planning a trip to melbourne in a few weeks, I'll have to take tips from you.

  5. I love Melbourne ... I'm long overdue for a visit there. It's always a wonderful place, rich with all sorts of fantastically interesting things, people and places.

  6. I've been there, I've been there ;-) And for lunch as well!!!!

  7. What a lovely, quirky little place!

  8. it looks so much nicer than the one we have in fremantle. i hope you're going to do more melbourne posts - i am enjoying looking at the city through your eyes.

  9. Whoo! I'm glad you made it to one of the places. How cute are the ting ciders? I WANT CIDER. Now.

  10. Such a nice place! I love places with high ceiling.

  11. this place looks really neat. i'll have to check it out next time i'm over that way.


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