march challenge

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march challenge: do something different everyday!

this is a new challenge that jo and i are going to do for the whole month in march. amongst other bloggers around the world, these lovely ladies are also taking the challenge with us: adeline from lady croisant, anna from much love, illana from see me everywhere and tracey from quiet paws

join us! take it as simple as it can be: order different coffee from your favourite cafe, wear an old pair of shoes that you haven't worn in years, walk different route to work or do sparkapolooza! (excuse myself, couldn't help myself for shameless self promotion here!). you can also think big and do a completely new activity: sky diving maybe? no need to do or buy something new all the time. be creative, this is why this challenge is called do something different everyday NOT do something new everyday.

any rules? this is your own challenge, everything is completely flexible on how you want to do this and how you want to record your progress. for me, i'll be tracking my progress on instagram. you can add my ID lauratj or if you're not iphone or ipad users, you can check my instagram photos here.

why this challenge? just to put more colours to your everyday mundane life. and of course to have fun! you never know what you might find or experience just by doing the simplest thing differently from your day to day routine. 

need some more inspirations? read these words of wisdom from my previous posts here and here.

hope you'll be participating, would love to hear from you! or we will also have some updates on Half/Half facebook page so join us there. *updated* if you do join us on of those many social media channels out there, please tag your post #differentmarch so that i can follow your updates :)

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  1. looking forward to it!! :D
    still need to figure out how I'm going to document it. daily photos sound like a good idea. hmm...

  2. i would love to participate! using instagram is a good idea, i have my ipod with me all the time anyway. Writing down would be cool, too.

  3. saw this on Annas blog
    Ill join you
    itll be fun
    Im from New Zealand

  4. This sounds great :D I will join

  5. Brilliant ... bring it on! Perhaps I'll jump on board the instagram band wagon for this (I've avoided it so far, for fear of getting addicted). :)

  6. i am soooo joining :) i need this little push!

  7. Oh.. What a great idea! I think I may need to have a go.

  8. what a neat idea! count me in too :) looking forward to seeing everyone's photos and posts about this!

  9. I love the idea, will try to take pics everyday.

  10. This is a gorgeous Idea! I'm going to do it...not sure how im going to fit it in the day but dammit I'll try. Any chance we can invent the 25 hour day?

    Bright Green Laces

  11. I'm tempted but really can't promise to make it. So sad :(. Good luck Lor, you're getting more and more creative, this is GOOD!

  12. oh this is fun, sorry never got back ot your email, been a very busy but also lazy feb. Ill join in most likely via instagram :)

  13. I'm definitively joining too. I already found an idea (couldn't convince myself to wear heels or something like i came out with another idea). I hope i can you show the pictures by the end of the month (all analog). Oh, and did you get my letter already? Love.

  14. I'm in!!!
    I like the idea of doing something different everyday (rather than something new)!

    I posted my first day to Instagram but I think the #marchchallenge is taken with other March challenge? Checked out to see and what I found wasn't a part of this challenge. Should we maybe use a different one (#DifferentMarch perhaps?)

  15. You've inspired me too, Laura!

  16. Youpi! I want to be part of it! What a good way to begin my life change, thank you*
    I think i'll document it on my own blog too, thank you, let's have fun ***

  17. Sounds great! After a long winter, I'm definitely up for the challenge and I'm looking forward to making my life more 'colorful' again :)

  18. Hello im Kana from Japan.
    Although it's almost in the middle of March, Im in:)

    I will start writing a blog everyday with new information.

  19. Still half of March left! I'm joining. A lovely idea.

  20. hello :)

    yay! loving the different march challenge...



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